III Aniversario de La Residencia (Valencia)

Instinto is a d-beat / crust band from Barcelona formed in 2011 by Ortega (vocals), Aleix (bass), Paco (guitar), Gerar (guitar) y Enric (drums), members of other bands such as Totälickers, Disundead, Hijxs Taradxs, Infäme, Violent Headache, Batakazo, Afganistan Yeye’s, Eskupe, Mesqueodi, etc.

Instinto LP

Our first album was recorded in a totally d.i.y. way and was released in 2012 on 12″ LP vinyl format by the labels Angry Voice, Grita o muere recs., Hysterical recs., Mass Productions and Svoboda recs..

In September 2012, Instinto embarked on their first European tour, playing dates in France, Germany, Denmark and Czech Republic. Nowadays the band is writing new songs for their next projects and playing some local gigs.